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“Non-digital photography in the Digital Age.”


Art which elicits reflection

The name “unikatfabrik” is a neologism combining the German words “Unikat” - single edition; ‘unique’ item, and “Fabrik” - factory, implying mass production. Thus, unikatfabrik means “factory of single editions”. That this may appear to be a contradiction in terms is purely intentional. The fine art photographer coined this word with the express purpose of posing a challenge to break with traditional ways of seeing and encouraging a fresh look at the world.

More, the term “unikatfabrik” speaks volumes about Koerfer’s artistic approach as his unique photo sequences consist of a number of select sui generis photographic compositions culled from a run of hundreds of photographs. Each work is a singular and irreproducible multiple exposure composed directly on film. The viewer, captivated by the compelling intensity and aesthetic appeal of the works, permits himself to be taken on a voyage of discovery where he gets to see the world through a novel perspective he is inspired to cultivate.


The sociocritical instrument

In his annual photo sequences Achim Koerfer passionately addresses issues of immediate and current relevancy. He employs a visual leitmotif to expose the intricacies and multifarious facets of the issue presented. This is accomplished not only by the nature of each individual composition of the sequence, but also by the order in which the works are presented, bringing yet other aspects to light and heightening the impact of the message.

Colors of stunning brilliance catch the eye. The commonplace is presented in a surprising new light in striking compositions, complex yet lucidly transparent. An added dimension novel to photography seems to become manifest – time. It is nearly impossible to resist the fascination of Koerfer’s works. The viewer is ultimately moved to involve himself with the topic at hand.


Art for humanitarian projects

It is a matter of personal commitment for Achim Koerfer to devote his artistic endeavors to the service of social causes. In this regard, he has already placed artworks at the disposal of various aid agencies such as ART 4 AID, an international art project for the benefit of UNICEF. As of 2011, the fine art photographer also supports STREETKIDS International, an aid and development organization for children in Tanzania which collects donations for food, health care, schools and vocational training.

Koerfer favors projects dedicated to improving the living conditions of people who lack a special interest group to champion their cause. It is primarily educational programs which Koerfer considers to be an essential foundation for long-term aid and development, then it is only those who can read and write who have a chance to better their life. No education means no opportunity for improvement.