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“The Omnipotence of Time”


All motifs from the thematic photo sequence showcased here are available in high-quality limited editions signed by the artist, in a variety of mediums, formats and executions. You will find further details under Limited Editions.


The predominant factor

Whatever we do, our actions are circumscribed by clearly defined intervals of time. Yet time not only measures the duration of our acts and omissions – it has also become an indicator of our performance. DICTATORIAL TIME makes plain how our whole lives are dominated by the factor of time.

Is the meaning of our lives then to be defined by our work alone? Is sole measure of our worth the amount of work we accomplish? If so, then time becomes a source of stress. Worse, we are no longer masters of our own time, but become its slaves. We submit to the dictates of those who tell us what to do with our time. We must take care to manage our time reasonably. This goes especially for people who cram too many activities into their daily routines and thus place themselves under constant pressure.


The irretrievable present

It was already in early civilizations that mankind undertook to measure time. The Maya calendar, for instance, begins on August 11, 3114 B.C. and ends on December 21, 2012 A.D. – is that then, the end of the world – the end of time?

But people think not only in terms of vast stretches of time, then every moment is clocked and assigned a task. In his photo sequence DICTATORIAL TIME, Achim Koerfer uses the face of the clock to embody time. Clocks admonish. They urge us to make haste. They urge us to make pause. We can save time, but we can never possess the time we save.

The perception of time is a deeply subjective experience. If we want to use it gainfully, the best thing we could do is to share it with others. There is no greater love than to give another person our time.


Victims of greed

The world of work has changed dramatically. Though automation has substantially cut production times, the time saved is not used to give workers more recreation, but to maximize profits. Today, employment figures in the production sector have markedly decreased. Many industrial countries have become service economies, but has the workplace become the more humane?

They’re still around, you know, or here once more, in ever growing numbers; people who cannot earn a livelihood despite a full-time job. Their time is valued so little, that they are denied even the minimum of a subsistence income for their hard work. How cynical! The day laborer of yore has returned and is called a temp or is simply an underpaid worker. Thus, profits are maximized to the detriment of a socially sustainable market economy.


The accelerated world

Thanks to the rapid pace of technological development, especially in the IT sector, the world of work has been fundamentally transfigured. Within milliseconds, vast amounts of data are processed and information disseminated to any desired number of people the world over.

The computer has not only simplified, but also speeded up the accomplishment of many tasks to an extreme degree. Almost compulsively, people try to keep up with the relentless pace, their lives attaining a state of constant stress. A viable work-life-balance becomes impossible, leading to a breakdown or possible burnout syndrome.

Serious health issues, addictions and depressions frequently follow. It is not only the career-oriented who are afflicted, but also many who are simply afraid of losing their jobs.


A ticking time bomb

Today, work intensity has reached inhuman levels. Increasing workloads are shouldered by ever fewer people for ever lower pay. Employees are cruelly kept in line with the threat of unemployment. Sustainability and humanity are coldly sacrificed to profit.

A promising way to avert imminent social conflict is the Basic Income Guarantee, BIG, a sum unconditionally paid to every citizen by the state to guarantee that all basic needs are met. The ranks of advocates of BIG are growing. It will liberate the individual from fear of losing his livelihood and encourages him to start something new with his life. Each citizen will be empowered to realize his potential and get involved in social causes. Commerce and industry will have to make jobs an attractive proposition. It’s time for a change.


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