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Personalized fine art photography


Before a work of art is acquired, the question of whether it will harmonize with the surroundings it is intended to grace, plays an essential role in its selection. This does not only involve the motif itself, but also the manner of the artwork’s presentation; whether framed or frameless, with matte or glossy lamination, the type of wall mount used, with or without spacers. Achim Koerfer will be more than happy to personally work out all the details with you to find the best alternative for your home, business or office premises. All motifs are available in a wide range of sizes and executions. The artwork of your choice will be produced by certified specialists with the direct collaboration of the artist with use of materials of the highest quality.


Your own signed original

From 2006 to 2013, a complement of 120 topical artworks resulted from the artist’s endeavors. Each motif is available directly from the artist in a limited edition of 100 signed artworks. The editions are kept small by design to guarantee a high level of exclusivity while making possible affordable process ranging from 150 to 1,000 Euros depending on size and execution.

It is only after a fine art print is signed by the artist that it is acknowledged in the art market as an original. A label signed personally in the artist’s own hand, furnished the artwork in question on verso, is guarantee of its authenticity. In addition to this, the label will carry such pertinent information as format, date, size of the edition involved, and the running number of the artwork.

Your own signed limited edition

Are you looking for a truly unique gift? A distinctive artwork executed in the style of one of the photo sequences presented here, for your abode, office or business premises? Then let Achim Koerfer know, specifying your wishes and requirements as regards size, medium and frame.

You will be sent a catalog by e-mail containing motifs conforming to your specifications, so you could make your choice. All motifs presented to you shall be guaranteed to be absolutely exclusive – none of them will have been exhibited or published before. After you order, you will be delivered your signed single edition, replete with the artist’s résumé on the back.


High-end aluminum dibond

This substrate is an ultra-light, highly durable sheet of aluminium composite upon which the photograph is mounted with a degree of precision down to the last millimetre. Thanks to a special adhesive formula which is applied meticulously, the surface will remain absolutely smooth – permanently. After that, the artwork is finished with a UV-protective film which will safeguard it from scratches and other manners of damage. The piece will be delivered, ready-to-hang, furnished with hooks and spacers.

Quality print-making canvas

This medium based on a painter’s canvas, upon which the motif of your choice can be printed, is distinctive for its elegant note. The linen-like texture is reminiscent of a painting and displays a stunning degree of color saturation. The gallery wrap print technique assures that the motif of your choice is reproduced exactly and completely even after the canvas is mounted on the stretcher, the edges of the print wrapped around the wood. The finishing process utilizing a clear silk matte varnish protects the picture from scratching and UV exposure. The artist will personally mount the canvas on a solid timber stretcher, after which the piece will be ready to hang on your wall.

Original photographic print

All available motifs from the photo sequences are also available as photographic prints, developed in a specialist photographic laboratory, in superlative quality. Upon request, these prints can be supplied to you with slip mount and/or frame. These artworks will also be furnished with the artist’s résumé and signature on the back.


Ordering, packaging and delivery

After having spoken to Achim Koerfer and selecting a motiv, kindly pass him your order per e-mail. You will then be sent a bill with your address and delivery address, with a request for you to check and confirm these. Your bill will contain the General Terms and Conditions of Business in relation to the production and delivery of the artwork you have ordered.

Payment is to be rendered in advance. The details for the bank transfer shall be provided in the bill. After the payment is credited to the account, production of the artwork ordered shall be initiated. The delivery time could range from 2 to 4 weeks, as the product involved shall be made to your particular specifications.

Before being sent off, each artwork will be personally inspected and approved by Achim Koerfer. It will then be furnished with an edge and corner guard of reinforced polyurethane foam and placed in a tailor-made package of double-ply cardboard to guarantee breakage and impact resistant packaging. Delivery of your artwork will be effected within Germany by DHL. The cost of transit insurance coverage for damage or loss is included in the cost of freight quoted in the bill.