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“The Breed of the Future”


All motifs from the thematic photo sequence showcased here are available in high-quality limited editions signed by the artist, in a variety of mediums, formats and executions. You will find further details under Limited Editions.


Captivating creations

The hubris of mankind is particularly manifested in his encroachments upon nature. A salient example for this is genetic engineering. For this reason, FLORAL IMPACT opposes the systematic manipulation of the genetic makeup of plants. No scientist has the gift of looking into the future to see the dire consequences of genetically manipulated hybrids on the environment.

Leitmotif of the FLORAL IMPACT photo sequence is natural flowers. Some of them are shown in their natural habitat, others, in an artificial setting – in an intriguingly haphazard and unnatural arrangement. Here, fresh and natural blossoms are made to appear sterile and artificial, or even wilted and morbid. The surreal nature of the compositions convey a notion of the dire consequences of a grave encroachment inflicted upon nature by man; when a species of plant is robbed of its originary destiny and is made into a product of technological artifice.


Strong arguments

If you listen to the arguments of advocates of genetic engineering, they sound like solemn declarations of noble intentions. They say their technology will combat world hunger by creating new species of grain which yield more and defy disease. Sounds good, but what is the impact to the ecosystem? How well will people and animals tolerate the ingestion of the GM food crops? What effect will the GM plants have on neighboring native and natural species?

Even without the depredations of genetic engineering, 22% of all plant species are in danger of extinction. With their passing, countless animal species stand to lose their habitats and also face annihilation.

The introduction, inadvertent or not, of genetically modified plants alien to an ecosystem is an immense threat, as they crowd out and eliminate native species. Mankind is ultimately responsible for this wanton destruction.


A no-win situation

Whether it is deforestation, predatory agriculture or genetic manipulation – it is the insatiable lust for profit that drives mankind to refashion the face of nature. That is the true motive behind depredations which inflict incalculable and irreversible damage. Nature always loses out in the end.

One little fact keeps getting deliberately obscured in all this – that mankind itself is part of nature and that in his despoilment of the same, he is sawing at the branch he is sitting on. Every one of us has a stake in the conservation of nature and a sacred duty towards future generations to leave them a world they can live in. The use of fundamentally uncontrollable technologies – and genetic engineering is without doubt one of them – carries incalculable and unconscionable risks.


No improving on nature's perfection

The compositions of FLORAL IMPACT embody the highest degree of aesthetic refinement. Yet the beauty depicted here has an undertone of foreboding. The most radiant of colors cannot disguise the fact that an insidious and irreversible decay has set in. We are brought to subliminally perceive that man cannot improve upon nature’s perfection.

How can mankind better the result of aeons of evolution? This process lets every species find its proper habitat and ecological niche to form a complex whole.

Any interference inflicted by man on this intricate system can only result in an act of destruction. The consequences may only become apparent in the distant future.


A reverence for nature

It can only be mankind’s duty to commit itself to safeguarding and conserving all species, then all living things are inextricably interrelated to form one complex ecosystem. Any attempt to improve on nature can only turn out to be a dangerous thing. Once mankind starts manipulating this system he only wreaks destruction. Achim Koerfer has hauntingly visualized this bleak scenario in his FLORAL IMPACT photo sequence.

He does not point an incriminating finger nor use brute force to put across his message, he uses instead, delicate floral compositions of appealing and poignant nature.


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