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In the center of media attention



Time and again, art and photography journals in Germany and abroad have given Achim Koerfer`s work ample media exposure. Above all, his photo sequences elaborating topical issues enjoy special attention. They have been given detailed coverage and subject to avid discussion by renowned publications such as Kreativ Journal (2014) and Der Kunsthandel (2013), or Kreativ Journal (2012) and Kreativ Journal (2011), Der Kunsthandel (2010), World of Graphic Design (Switzerland) Novum or Kreativ Journal (2010), Photo Presse, PSD Photoshop Solutions for Designers (Poland), Rheinische Post and Fotodigital.

In addition, specialist online magazines such the Photography Magazine (dodho) and the Fotoblogazin or the lebeART Magazine and the NaKlar Magazine or Intuition and art11 Magazine or lookzoombook or Tuck Magazine as well as Fotografen & Fotodesigner or Freunde der Künste and Styleranking have published articles about his work.

Koerfer's involvement in aid projects and organizations such as UNICEF, ART 4 AID, EQUAL or subvenio e.V. is also well documented by the press (e.g. the International Herald Tribune) in articles which appear in local, regional and international publications. This media exposure provides a variegated chronicle of the development of the fine art photographer's career and convictions.

In the course of realizing corporate art projects Koerfer has worked with noteworthy enterprises. One of the most renowned among his business partners is the PSM Nature Power Service GmbH & Co. KG. This company is one of the market leaders in the service sector catering to wind energy and solar power plants. The thriving German cruise ship line AIDA Cruises decorated over 200 cabins of cruise ship AIDAluna with Koerfer´s work which blended in perfectly with the discriminating decor and underscored the exhilarating atmosphere on board.


Art for subvenio e.V.

Charity auction at eBay - Fine art photographer Achim Koerfer has often captured public attention on account of his unflagging commitment to charitable causes close to his heart. This time he is donating one of his unique artworks to the subvenio e.V., a non-profit association for the aid of victims of accidents. As someone who has, himself, survived a car crash, he knows full well what it means to suffer the attendant injuries and the problems of coping with the subsequent trauma of such a mishap.

For this reason he is giving his support to Germany’s first nationwide advocacy group for victims of accidents by donating a superb hand-signed fine art print which subvenio e.V. will auction off from December 5, 2009 on eBay. This world-famous online auction and shopping website is sponsoring this charity auction with a premium slot which it is placing at subvenio’s disposal free of charge. More details



Koerfer in the Galerie Mootz-Art

Bizarre realm of flowers meets art emporium - from December 1, 2009 till March 31, 2010, the Kunstkaufhaus Mootz-Art gallery in Saarbrücken presents works of fine art photography from www.unikatfabrik.de.

These artworks are taken from Achim Koerfer’s current photo sequence FLORAL IMPACT, for which the artist from Mönchengladbach has melded images of wildflowers and blooms of garden varieties and forms of nature and objects of artifice to create a surreal floral continuum to graphically symbolize the encroachments of man upon Nature while applying his highly personal conception of aesthetics.

The intricacies of the issue of rampant genetic engineering finds expression in Koerfer’s unique technique of photographic superimposition effected by non-digital multiple exposures alone, resulting in works of arresting imagery. More details


Koerfer in the Galerie KiT

Exhibition on the premises of the Board of Urban Development and Environmental Concerns of the city of Hamburg - From October 2 till November 30, 2008, a selection of works by fine art photographer Achim Koerfer from Mönchengladbach will be exhibited in the Galerie KiT in Hamburg. The compositions involved, taken from Koerfer’s latest photo sequence entitled SYTHESIZED FASHION, will be displayed on the premises of the Board of Urban Development and Environmental Concerns of the city of Hamburg.

Koerfer’s photographic compositions stand out for reason of their intriguing, apparently digitally composited effects which are actually achieved solely using a mirror reflex camera, conventional photographic techniques and an unerring eye for in situ composition. Talent and a sui generis technique create compellingly visionary images which, thanks to their protean nature, inspire the beholder’s imagination to flights of delightful fancy and multiple interpretations while posing an exciting challenge to his/her perceptions. More details


Koerfer part of federal campaign

After the public-spirited and committed photographer Achim Koerfer had already donated a number of artworks to charity projects such as to Art 4 Aid’s auction and gala for UNICEF, another project he took part in, the creative competition “Work-Life-Balance” sponsored by the Federal German Government, turned out to be a source of impetus for new contacts from the ranks of civic and municipal administrations. He received enquiries from a number of these for photos intended for such family-related publications as guidebooks for parenting.

"For me, family life plays an important role in society, and even if reality is at great variance to the ideal, I do believe it is possible to achieve a balance between work and family life – provided that the requisite and pertinent government-sponsored social facilities are instituted" replied Koerfer when asked why he took part in the “Work-Life-Balance” project. More details



Koerfer supports UNICEF

With the ART 4 AID project, the Amsterdam International Chapter of the Junior Chambers International (JCI) joined forces with UNICEF to create a charity project which is a combination of forum and platform for aspiring and established young artists, and art exhibition and auction to take place in Holland. Over 200 young artists from all over Europe answered the call of the organizers for the donation of artworks to promote a worthy cause and at the same time receive the opportunity to become known in the Netherlands and beyond.

Achim Koerfer, fine art photographer and originator of the www.unikatfabrik.de virtual gallery also made it to the cadre of 36 top artists whose works will be auctioned off to raise funds for UNICEF. It was the compelling nature of the project’s concept and the worthy cause involved which moved the artist to take part in ART 4 AID. More details


Art in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt

On the occasion of the Hockey World Championship to be held in Mönchengladbach, the photographic artist Achim Koerfer is exhibiting his works at the Parkhotel in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt for three weeks. The artworks will be displayed in the grand salon and function room of the hotel, named “Düsseldorf”.

Other artists of the region will also exhibit their works in other function rooms of the hotel at the same time. The artist will attend the opening on September 10, 2006.

The public is welcome to view the artworks during the Parkhotel´s regular opening hours. More details


A encounter in Aachen

Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) August 18, 2006. “At last we have an art exhibition held in the course of the World Equestrian Championship where there is not a horse in sight”, was the first thing Aachen mayoress Ms. Verheyen said as artist Achim Koerfer conducted her through the ranks of his artworks. Then that was an avowed aim of the organizers responsible for the exhibit – to afford Championship visitors and participants alike an alternative event focused not upon the equestrian games but upon the art involved in the interaction between partners in art and commerce, upon the energy that is generated by the harmonious rapport between such partners in pursuit of a common goal: success!

The synergy of equestrian sport takes place in the interaction between horse and rider acting in perfect unison, each responding to the other’s minutest motion, in intimate communication, poised at the starting gate. More details